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Rock Climbing Knots - Double Alpine Butterfly Knot

If an Alpine Butterfly Knot allows you to make a loop in the middle of the rope if you do not have access to the two ends, a Double Alpine Butterfly enables you to form two loops. Learn how to tie this knot in this section. Use our animation as your guide as you go through the steps.

Step 1:

Wrap the rope four times around your hand.

Step 2:
Bring the first strand (the one nearest to your thumb) over the last strand.

Step 3:
Grab the two leftmost strands and bring them over the last two strands.

Step 4:
Bring the two rightmost strands underneath the other two.

Step 5:
Pull to tighten.

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Article Comments
Thursday 10th April 2008 at 9:24:41 PM  

Always used a doulbe figure eight to get two loops. Will try this one next time.

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