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Rock Climbing Knots - Figure Eight Loop

The Figure Eight Loop is formed by making a Figure Eight Knot on a bight. It is generally considered to be 10-15% stronger than the basic Bowline. This knot is easy to remember. It is easy to tie and is generally considered to be strong and secure. However, it is difficult to untie after applying heavy load. Learn how to tie a Figure Eight Loop in this section.

Step 1:
Fold the rope back on itself to make a bight.

Step 2:
Form a loop, with the working end on top of the standing part.

Step 3:
Bring the working end underneath the standing part.

Step 4:
Pass the working end through the loop.

Step 5:
Pull the working end to tighten.

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Article Comments
Wednesday 4th August 2010 at 11:50:50 PM  

This has to be my favorite. I''ve found so many uses for it. If you haven''t used this one...make sure and learn it. After you will find it extremely versatile and probably start using it much more often.

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