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Rock Climbing Pitons | Piton Shop

Rock climbing pitons are wedges made of soft or hard steel that are nailed on fissures found on rocks. Also called pins or pegs, climbing pitons are used as anchors for protection and in aid climbing. They come in different styles. Some of the most common styles of every rock climbing piton come in the form of knife blades, angles, lost arrows, bong, and Realized Ultimate Reality Piton or RURP.

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Our 10 Most Popular Pitons:       
Z Pitons

Features:Use in thin medium cracks or in pin scars.Z-shape allows for 4 points of contact.Stack with other pitons to fill odd shaped holes.Strongest, most durable Z's available...

Black Diamond
Knifeblades/Bugaboos Pitons

Bugaboos and Knifeblades are great tools for thin cracks. Knifeblades are stamped, bent and precision ground for the sole purpose of fitting into thin cracks. Bugaboos are just slightly thicker,...

Black Diamond
Angles Pitons

These workhorse pins are stamped and shaped from CrMo steel for super durability. The design, coupled with the spring-like nature of the steel used gives these pitons inherently high holding power.

Black Diamond
Spectre Ice Pitons

Black Diamond designed the Spectre Ice Piton to provide alternative, pound-in protection on mixed and thin ice lines where traditional pro is just a pipe dream. Doubling as a piton, the Spectre...


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