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Rock Climbing Hex | Nuts & Hexes

Rock climbing nuts and hexes are forms of passive protection, an anchor type which has no moving portions. A typical nut is a small block which is attached to a wire or cord. It is placed in a narrowing crack in the rock. When you put the Nut in and pull it, it won't come out because the crack is narrower towards the surface of the rock. On the other hand, a hex is lighter and cheaper than a cam, and is mainly used in large cracks. Our rock climbing shop has a wide selection of nuts and hexes. We have combined the inventories of many leading outdoor equipment retailers. View the inventories here and make price comparisons.

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Our 10 Most Popular Climbing Nuts and Hexes:       
Black Diamond
Anodized Stoppers Nuts and Hexes

Black Diamond Anodized Stoppers are light, simple, durable pieces of protection that form the cornerstone of any trad rack. This simple and effective shape fits securely around irregularities in...

Wallnuts Package (1-11) Nuts and Hexes

Anodized heads on the DMM Wallnuts help you pick the right size to fit the crack when you're way run out and desperate for a piece of pro. In addition to their excellent color coding, Wallnuts...

Black Diamond
Wired Hexcentrics Nuts and Hexes

Black Diamond Wired Hexentrics offer cheap, lightweight protection for trad climbing. Each Hex offers four different placement options, so they'll fit a variety of cracks and can be worked into...

Black Diamond
Micro Stopper - 04 Nuts and Hexes

Black Diamond Micro Stoppers are ultra-thin protection for aid climbing and thin trad lines. Copper-infiltrated steel heads fight shearing better than solid copper but are soft enough to prevent...

Black Diamond
Wired Stopper Set Nuts and Hexes

Red hot and reliable as ever, the Black Diamond wired stopper set features brilliant color-coded anodization for instant visual identification. * Whether building or expanding your climbing...

Wild Country
Rockcentric Nuts and Hexes

Count on the simple, solid protection of the Wild Country Rockcentric Hexes when you need to save weight on trad and alpine climbs. These Dyneema-slung hexes are lighter than cams, and their...

Wild Country
Superlight Rocks Nuts and Hexes

Wild Country Superlight Rocks are single-cable aluminum nuts designed to bridge the gap between brassies and standard nuts while saving weight for trad and aid climbers. Their trim, color-coded...

Dyneema Tricams Nuts and Hexes

The Dyneema Tricams by C.A.M.P are an improved version of the classic Tricam. These essential passive pieces of gear are now stronger, lighter and anodized for the absolute protection when trad...

Curve Nuts and Hexes

Improving on a classic design, the Metolius Curve Hex features the old school hex shape with curved faces for added versatility when placing protection. For lightweight trips into the mountains...

Wild Country
Rocks Nuts and Hexes

Passive protection is the backbone of any trad climbing rack, and Wild Country Rocks are always up to the task when you're starting up an ability-testing crack climb. Their anodized head make...


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