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Rock Climbing Ropes

There are some important things that you should know about ropes. For instance, rock climbing ropes come in many types and features. Moreover, not all ropes are suitable for climbing, so make sure that the ropes you use are specifically designed to meet the demands of the sport. Our rock climbing shop has a wide variety of climbing ropes. We have combined the inventories of many leading outdoor equipment retailers. You can view their inventories here and make price comparisons.

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Our 10 Most Popular Climbing Ropes:       
Nomad 9.8 Climbing Ropes

The perfect all-around rope, the Petzl Nomad Climbing Rope balances dynamic elongation with impact force design for exacting performance. The thick sheath is incredibly durable, yet offers...

Fuse 9.4mm Climbing Ropes

The perfect balance between weight and durability, the Petzl Fuse Climbing Rope offers outstanding handling characteristics. A stout sheath that is over 30% of the ropes weight provides premium...

Apollo 11 mm - 60m Climbing Ropes

Rating : 4/10

Great for beginners or intensive wall users and top ropers. Maximum life. If you are just starting out climbing and want one rope for everything then get this one!Experienced climbers would...

Sterling Rope
Nano 9.2mm Dry Climbing Ropes

Anyone whose skin has been torched by the cracks of Vedawoo, crystals of Joshua tree, or sandstone of Moab knows what the rock at these areas can do to your rope. The Nano 9.2mm, with its super...

Discover 8mm x 30m Super Dry Twin Climbing Ropes

Edelweiss®'s high-performance, shorter length twin rope designed for mountain walking, glacier travel and usage during emergencies.* Small diameter and dry finish keep the weight down, while its...

Sterling Rope
Fusion Nano Dynamic (DRY) 9.2mm Climbing Ropes

The NEW 9.2mm Nano Dynamic Rope by Sterling will amaze you at how durable it can be at such a small diameter. With incredible lightness and easy handling, you won't even be able to feel it once...

Verglas 8.1mm x 60m Dry Half/Twin Climbing Ropes

UIAA certified as both a half and twin rope, the lightweight PMI Verglas lets you choose the technique that best suits the climb.* Half and twin ropes are designed to be used as a matching pair;...

Sterling Rope
Evolution Velocity 9.8 mm Climbing Ropes

The Sterling Evolution Velocity Rope is a medium-sized rope that retains the long-lasting and burly qualities of its fatter cousins while weighing in lighter and having a softer hand. Big...

Monster Gym 10mm Climbing Ropes

Free Shipping. Metolius Monster 10 mm Gym Rope DECENT FEATURES of the Metolius Monster 10 mm Gym Rope UIAA/CE certified The SPECS Type: Single/Gym Weight: 66 g/m UIAA Falls: 8 Sheath Slippage: 0...

Monster Non-Dry 10.2mm Climbing Ropes

Free Shipping. Metolius Monster 10.2 mm Rope Non-Dry DECENT FEATURES of the Metolius Monster 10.2 mm Rope Non-Dry UIAA/CE certified The SPECS Type: Single Weight: 66 g/m UIAA Falls: 12 Sheath...


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