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Where to Go Rock Climbing: Mount Olympus

Where to Go Rock Climbing: Mount Olympus
Where is Mount Olympus Located?

Said to be the abode of the celestial family or the most significant ruling gods and goddesses in the olden times, Mount Olympus rises at 2,919 meters in the land of Greece. Up until now, a large number of visitors from different parts of the world stay motivated to hike and go through its peak. Mytikas is measured the highest summit in Mount Olympus, whose top was accomplished by Daniel Baud-Bovy and Frederic Boissonas, both Swiss climbers. Coming next in the list to Mytikas is the peak of Skolio.

Mount Olympus is considered a mountain that is home to prosperous tree and plant life as well as to thousands of extremely extraordinary species. Rock climbing in Olympus does not call for any exceptional knowledge of the sport, but one has to be able-bodied, appropriately equipped, and not scared of heights.

Where to Go Rock Climbing in Mount Olympus?
  • Refuge A. As you get to this part of Mount Olympus, you will enjoy immense sights of the narrow valley and its vertical cliff walls. Through little wood connection, you can cross the Enipeas River which has fine view of the Aegean Sea. Be one with nature as you pass on waterfalls along the way where you can snatch a revitalizing dip as it has natural pools with clear waters. The trail, however, follows a sharp point, with crisscross path going upwards through bare trees.

  • Mytikas. As mentioned earlier, it is Mount Olympus' highest summit. Mytikas is an unusual retreat pitch for people who searching for harmony and leisure; it is put up on a section of land that finds its way on to the lucid azure water of the sea. It is the perfect rest for tourists, not just because of the tranquil sea, but also because of the countless desert islands and superb beaches surrounding the area.

    So you see, Mytikas is the peak of Mount Olympus. Thus, it is frequently adorned by eerie mists and climbing it is such a backbreaking mission - but the sight from there is astonishing! Some are lucky to be given a good visibility season when going there, as they will get the chance to see numerous villages and even Athos! All-in-all, reaching the pinnacle of Mytikas is simply uplifting and overwhelming.

There are loads of promotions in the area of Mount Olympus hotels, restaurants, and more. The drawback is to reserve a hotel in an earlier date. There are a huge number of upright trails and it takes a couple of days to climb the mountain; but you can opt to stay longer in the village if you wish to. Just make sure you have your sunscreen protection, suitable shoes, and warm clothes on even during summer.

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