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Rank: Technical Climber
# Points: 53
Profile has been viewed: 2415 time(s)
Joined as: Rock Climbing Member
Member since: December 2007
Last login: -
Personal Profile
  • First Name: brads my hero
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: private
  • Height: private
  • Last Name: killough wannabe
  • Age: 115 years old
  • Date of Birth: 1/1/1901
  • Weight: private
  • Email:
Rock Climbing Specs
Style or Technique: My own
General Skill Level: 5.0b
Years of Experience: 35 years
Highest Ascent: 14.5k
Latest Ascent Date: 07-08
Latest Ascent Route: tourist
Favorite Climbing Route: skyline sanbourne
Toughest Climb: corporate
Hardest Crux Encountered: hmm
Longest Day Climb: 24hrs
Longest Multi-Day Climb: 24hrs x
Destination Wish List: all 14 teeners north america
Favorite Rock Climbing Knot: slip
Rock Climbing Shoes: sandals
Harness: horse
Rope: good one
Carabiner: OP
Chalk Bag: none
Other Favorite Gear: this site sucks
Personal Details
Israel controls america
About Me I hate americans
My Hobbies masterbating
Company of fools
School/College stupidity
Books The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Movies Braveheart
Music Classical
TV Shows Bonanza
7/8/2008 4:35:36 AM
Hey Bradley, tell us of your best Yosemite experience, maybe your best west coast swing,... READ MORE
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  • Forum Posts Made: 53
  • Photo Albums Created: 0
  • Pictures Shared: 0
  • Articles Written: 0
  • News Item Submitted: 0
  • Dictionary Words Submitted: 0
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