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Rank: Technical Climber
# Points: 72
Profile has been viewed: 3195 time(s)
Joined as: Rock Climbing Member
Member since: November 2008
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Personal Profile
  • First Name: private
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: private
  • Height: private
  • Last Name: private
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Date of Birth: 7/4/1981
  • Weight: private
  • Email: private
Rock Climbing Specs
Style or Technique: I prefer to levitate ha ha ha. Really I enjoy climbing in a slow meditative style stopping on ledges to eat and sleep.
General Skill Level: I like to say that I am a 5.10 climber. With the exception of the older climbs back when 5.10 was the highest grade. I can onsight most new age 5.10 climbs. I can also climb A2.
Years of Experience: I have been climbing for 8 years.
Highest Ascent: My highest ascent was 1400'(royal arches 5.7(A0)).
Latest Ascent Date: I forgot.
Latest Ascent Route: I forgot that too.
Favorite Climbing Route: Moby dick center this climb was 200' tall with 150 feet of fist crack and a spetacular campus move through the roof to a mantle and the anchors.
Toughest Climb: Generator crack 5.10 This climb started with a crack slightly wider than fist and gradually widedned into a squeeze chimney. It's so tough because it is one of the old classics of the Valley.
Hardest Crux Encountered: The off width at the top of sacherer cracker. When I reached the anchor I thought that I was going to vomit.
Longest Day Climb: Royal arches. Al and I started this climb at 8:00AM. We reached 1400' at dark and had to rappel at night. It is a good thing that we had our head lamps!
Longest Multi-Day Climb: -
Destination Wish List: Looking glass, Horsetooth boulders, eldorado canyon, the black canyon, Joe's valley, Indian creek, maple canyon, Zion,the valley again, bishop, British Columbia, morocco, Thailand
Favorite Rock Climbing Knot: directional figure 8's
Rock Climbing Shoes: I like stiff shoes for slabs, comfortable shoes for 5.10 and under, and felexable shoes for overhangs.
Harness: Yates big wall harness
Rope: 10.5 or larger single dynamic rope. 60 meters.
Carabiner: I like wire gates, and large screw lock carabieners.
Chalk Bag: I prefer a yates chalk bag do to its larger size. I do not run out of chalk on longer routes.
Other Favorite Gear: Rope ladders
Personal Details
Not if it's-long as its-tublar.
About Me I am a verry humble zen like character.
My Hobbies I enjoy rockclimbing , slacklining, and photography. I also enjoy bonsi.
Company -
School/College -
Books Lynn Hill free climbing.
Movies Cliffhanger.
Music -
TV Shows -
12/11/2008 4:00:10 PM
Like I said there is a place in florida.  You will be wasting much less gas and creating... READ MORE
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