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da seco
Rank: Belay Test Passer
# Points: 2
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Joined as: Rock Climbing Member
Member since: July 2009
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  • First Name: private
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: private
  • Height: -
  • Last Name: private
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Date of Birth: private
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Rock Climbing Specs
Style or Technique: is like a clasic style because i learn climbing with the oldest climbing in chile, so i know a lot of trick´s to climb. is like a clasic tricky style.
General Skill Level: i dont have a lot of technique so i put all the power to get to the top fast and with a lot of strentgh
Years of Experience: five years of experience most time climbing in pucon chile, not only rock climbing also ice climbing but i like the rock most.
Highest Ascent: i have two 6.000. one is the aconcagua mountain located in argentina and the other is cerro el plomo in chile.
Latest Ascent Date: was two days ago in the cerduo pucon chile rock of 60 mts is a route of climbing that i use for training
Latest Ascent Route: the same
Favorite Climbing Route: was in lican ray chile is funny because i was swiming in the lake and i found a big rock because this lake is sourrounded by a peninsula, so i start climbing in the water and i get to the top only
Toughest Climb: -
Hardest Crux Encountered: -
Longest Day Climb: -
Longest Multi-Day Climb: -
Destination Wish List: -
Favorite Rock Climbing Knot: -
Rock Climbing Shoes: -
Harness: -
Rope: -
Carabiner: -
Chalk Bag: -
Other Favorite Gear: -
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7/15/2009 12:47:10 AM
ok ladiesssss and gentleman come on and climb in mi country chile especify in pucon you all can... READ MORE
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