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Find a Rock Climbing Guide in Colorado, the United States! Use our directory to find guides that can help you organize Rock Climbing excursions or trips. You can use the map of colorado, the united states given below to zoom in on your destination state or province. Find and compare the services you are looking for or get your own services listed:

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Crested Butte Mountain Guides
Crested Butte Mountain Guides Crested Butte / Colorado / United States
Starting Price: $250.00

We're Out There! For over 15 years we have been the premier guide service in the Crested Butte area. We offer a full range of year round guided outdoor activities....
Aventuras Patagonicas
Aventuras Patagonicas Boulder / Colorado / United States
Starting Price: $2400.00

We are a small and dynamic guiding company with unique regional knowledge and very high guiding standards. Our dedicated and professional guides are carefully chosen and give speci...
Rock Climbing Courses
Rock Climbing Courses Boulder / Colorado / United States
Starting Price: $95.00

Alpine World Ascents provides world-class climbing courses at all levels to help you bring your rock climbing skills to a new level while maintaining a zero-injury record....
Front Range Climbing Company
Front Range Climbing Company Colorado Springs / Colorado / United States
Starting Price: $160.00

Guided rock climbing trips throughout Colorado's front range and the deserts of UTAH....
Arkansas Valley Adventures
Arkansas Valley Adventures Buena Vista / Colorado / United States

Arkansas Valley Adventures offers rock climbing lessons and guided climbing trips. AVA provides half-day for the beginner, intermediate. Our guides will teach you the basics of bel...
KE Adventure Travel USA
KE Adventure Travel USA Glenwood Springs / Colorado / United States

All of our adventures are accompanied by an experienced leader, most of whom have worked for KE for many years. Many are professional guides and instructors with an in depth knowle...
Alpine World Ascents
Alpine World Ascents Boulder / Colorado / United States

Alpine World Ascents is one of the world's premiere climbing sites, at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Year round, we offer a wide range of instruction and guiding ...
EcoFirst Adventures
EcoFirst Adventures Denver / Colorado / United States

EcoFirst Adventures caters to the adventurous soul, combining the best of sports and leisure activities. Our specially designed itineraries take advantage of the natural adventure ...
Americas Adventure Ventures Everywhere
Americas Adventure Ventures Everywhere Golden / Colorado / United States

The goal of America's Adventure Ventures Everywhere (AAVE) is to teach skills which will lead to a lifetime of exploration, friendship and enjoyment. We provide carefully led, wort...
Boulder Academy of Alpine Arts
Boulder Academy of Alpine Arts Boulder / Colorado / United States

John Goggin offers climbing instructions and guide services. He offer climbing courses for all levels and abilities. From introductory courses to intermediate and advanced courses....
Southwest Adventure Guides
Southwest Adventure Guides Durango / Colorado / United States

Southwest Adventure Guides (formerly Southwest Adventures) has been conducting domestic and international trips and courses for 15 years. We are not a travel agent. We guide our ow...
Paragon Guides
Paragon Guides Vail / Colorado / United States

Paragon Guides is one of Colorado's premier guide services providing quality outdoor adventures since 1978, throughout the central Rocky Mountain region and along the now famous 10...
Gunnsion Valley Adventures
Gunnsion Valley Adventures Gunnison / Colorado / United States

Gunnsion Valley Adventures, Inc. is a complete guides and outfitters service for mountaineering and sea kayaking based activites. Some of the activites that we offer are rock climb...
Mountain Trip
Mountain Trip Ophir / Colorado / United States

In 1973, Mountain Trip began as a daydream. Dedication to offering the highest quality experiences helped make the dream a reality and now Mountain Trip is one of the world's outst...
Amos Whiting
Amos Whiting Durango / Colorado / United States

I have been climbing and skiing all over the lower 48 for the past 11 years. From New Hampshire to California. I live in southwest CO and therefore have extended experience in the ...
San Juan Mountain Guides
San Juan Mountain Guides Ouray / Colorado / United States

San Juan Mountain Guides, LLC, the premier provider of rock and ice climbing and skiing instruction in the San Juans. San Juan Mountain Guides are the only year round guide service...
Aspen Expeditions
Aspen Expeditions Aspen / Colorado / United States

Aspen Expeditions is owned and operated by internationally certified IFMGA/AMGA mountain guide Dick Jackson. AE's formally trained and/or AMGA certified mountain guides have been t...
Rocky Mountain Guides
Rocky Mountain Guides Dillon / Colorado / United States

We offer guided tours and instruction at all levels and in many different areas, including Summit County, Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Mountain Park and the Tetons. Instruction include...
David Appleton - OWA
David Appleton - OWA Lake George / Colorado / United States

He's a NORBA Expert mountain bike racer and participates in several ultra-endurance events each year and has expedition experience all over the Western Hemisphere including climbin...
The Womens Wilderness Institute
The Womens Wilderness Institute Boulder / Colorado / United States

Since 1998, the Women's Wilderness Institute has offered wilderness experiences for women and teen girls in the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest. Whether you're see...
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