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Rock Climbing Training

Your training should include all the three muscle functions: Endurance, Strength, and Burst. If these functions are not being developed in the right rock climber's balance, then you might experience that you cannot climb the way you want. For this reason, you should continually analyze your climbing performance and modify your type of training to target and improve specific muscle functions. Understanding how to target and train particular muscle functions will help you develop and manage your training plan. It's the need of balance of Strength, Burst, and Endurance that create the following five types of training:

Rock Climbing Training - Strength Rock Climbing Training - Strength
If you want to climb overhanging, negative sloping, and long-reach moves, you should train your muscle strength. Stress your muscles by doing appropriate exercises in order to increase or improve your muscle strength.

Rock Climbing Training - Burst or Explosive Power Rock Climbing Training - Burst or Explosive Power
Burst training is very taxing on muscles and should never be done without adequate Warm-up and Stretching. Learn what Burst Training is and how it affects your speed in Rock Climbing. Know the different exercises that can improve your burst power.

Rock Climbing Training - Endurance Rock Climbing Training - Endurance
If you want to take higher climbs without being too exhausted or pumped, you should increase your Endurance. Improve your Endurance level by continuously doing some low resistance exercises so you can climb higher and longer.

Rock Climbing Training - Strength and Endurance Rock Climbing Training - Strength and Endurance

To improve your ability to "lock-off", clip, and continue climbing without burnout, you should gain strength-endurance. Learn several exercises that you can include in your training in oder to improve this muscle function.

Rock Climbing Training - Aerobic Capacity Rock Climbing Training - Aerobic Capacity
To improve mental and physical alertness throughout the day, you should train your aerobic capacity. In this section, learn how you can apply the two aerobic training methods (Circuit and Interval Training) to Rock Climbing.

Facts About Counting Food Carbohydrates & Rock Climbing Facts About Counting Food Carbohydrates
Rock climbing is a sport that requires tremendous energy levels. Carbohydrate consumption is a critical ingredient for a successful climb. Bonking during a climb must be prevented at all costs. Learn more by reading this article.

Hand Exercises & Grip Strength Training for Climbing Hand Exercises & Grip Strength Training
Rock climbing requires a unique combination of skill, strength, endurance, and flexibility in order to be successful. A focused strength-training program for the hands and grip will quickly improve your time before fatigue during a climb. Discover a few exercises by reading this.

Your Rock Climbing Training should be totally customized to you. It is only then that it will help you to meet the goals that you have set. For instance, if you want to work on your Endurance, you should do other exercises that can improve it.

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