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Climbing Gear Lists

As mentioned before, this site will cover two common Rock Climbing Styles: Traditional Rock Climbing and Sport Climbing. Although many aspects are similar in these two variations, each generally requires different gear and equipment. Sport climbers need minimal gear as they climb on walls with permanent bolts. On the other hand, traditional rock climbers have to create the protection themselves and they need to take all kinds of protection gear up to the wall. Another difference is that in general, Sport Climbers experience frequent falls and are more exposed to the sun as opposed to Traditional Rock Climbers.

In this section, get familiar with the various gear and equipment of a traditional rock climber and a sport climber:
A Traditional Rock Climber's Gear List A Traditional Rock Climber's Gear List
One of the common Rock Climbing Styles is Traditional Rock Climbing. It requires a set of gear and equipment which generally differs from a sport climber's gear list. In this section, take a look at a typical gear list of a traditional rock climber.

A Sport Climber's Gear List A Sport Climber's Gear List
Sport Climbing is another common Rock Climbing Style. In this section, get familiar with the gear and equipment included in a typical gear list of a sport climber. Know what makes this list different from a traditional rock climber's gear list.

These are the typical gear lists of traditional rock climbers and sport climbers. No matter what Rock Climbing Style you want, make sure that you have the necessary gear and equipment.

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